London Women’s Leadership Symposium


at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, London

(In concert with the London Education Research Symposia)

photo by Amanda Farah

Invitation for Papers

December 8 and 9, 2012


The London Women’s Leadership Symposium, a special interest session of the London Education Research Symposia, will be held on 8 and 9 December, 2012 at The Oxford and Cambridge Club in London. The London Education Research Symposium is an umbrella educational organization devoted to scholarly research, writing and discourse, under which various symposia are held.


You are invited to present a paper on an aspect of women's studies, or you may wish to attend as an observer or panel member. If you wish to present a paper you will be requested to submit a brief abstract for review by the Programme Committee. Papers presented will be subsequently peer reviewed by external readers for possible inclusion in Symposium books or as sponsored journal articles.

The London Women’s Leadership Symposium is designed as a seminar for presentation of papers and ideas regarding gender equity and fairness in leadership opportunities in the social and economic structures of society.


Things to Do:

1. Consult research topic list (Research Topics)

2. Consult guidelines for presentations (Presentations)

3. Submit abstract (Abstract Submissions)

4. Register and pay (Registration)

5. Make travel and hotel arrangements (London Hotels)

6. Present paper at conference

7. Revise paper for according to publication guidelines (Publications)

8. Submit final draft of paper by email for peer review (Publications)

9. Review and approve revisions of paper if paper is accepted after peer review (Email correspondence)